“This is now the second door of mine you’ve broken through,” she warned. “I’ve hunted people down for much, much less.” —Nelen Frost

Nelen Frost
NelenFrost Default
Nelen Frost
Identifying Information
Date of Birth 1 January, 2026 (Age 23)
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Unlicensed Extractor (Dreamreaper)
Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Weight 95lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Pale
Additional Details
Alias(es) Nelenya Simonova-Itoh
Affiliation(s) Wylde Trybe, Decibellion, Chicago Hack & Slash

Nelen Frost, born Nelenya Simonova-Itoh, is a Chicago-based freelance extractor, or dreamreaper, and is widely considered by luminaries and experts in extraction alike to be the second best genetic material thief within CHESS dominion. She was once partners in crime with Artemis Appleyard, now a senior partner at one of the country's top genetic recovery specialist firms based out of the York-Hampton Metapolis. Frost played a significant role in exposing the geopolitical sabotage and treasonous manipulation of world powers perpetrated by radical alternative energy and experimental technology magnate Elvis Drake.

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